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SEC Form 17-A (Annual Report)

SEC Form 17-Q (Quarterly Report)

SEC Form 17-C (Current Report)

SEC Form 20-IS (Information Sheet)

SEC Form 23-A/B (Statement of Beneficial Ownership)

General Information Sheet

Results of Annual or Special Stockholders Meeting


Declaration of Cash Dividends

Foreign Ownership 2022

Foreign Ownership 2021

Foreign Ownership 2020

Foreign Ownership 2019

Foreign Ownership 2018

Foreign Ownership 2017

Foreign Ownership 2016

List of Top 100 Stockholders 2022

List of Top 100 Stockholders 2021

List of Top 100 Stockholders 2020

List of Top 100 Stockholders 2019

Material Information Transactions

Number of Shareholders 2022

Number of Shareholders 2021

Number of Shareholders 2020

Number of Shareholders 2019

Number of Shareholders 2018

Number of Shareholders 2017

Number of Shareholders 2016

Other Reports

Public Ownership 2022

Public Ownership 2021

Public Ownership 2020

Public Ownership 2019

Public Ownership 2018

Public Ownership 2017

Public Ownership 2016

Public Ownership 2015