Off-Track Betting

How to become an OTB Operator


Priority OTB Sites (OTB to serve as added attraction to business establishments below)

  • Sports bars,  KTV bars,  restaurants, night spots, gaming or amusement centers, hotels, malls, grills (ihaw-ihaw) gardens, casinos,  beer plaza and similar establishments
  • More than 200 meters from school or church (places of worship)
  • Space big enough to accommodate at least  50-100 customers; with parking, restrooms, etc.
  •  No OTB within the immediate vicinity ( at least 1.5 kms minimum distance to the nearest)

What to submit to PRCI

  • Applicant/Site Provider shall submit to PRCI Marketing Department the following:
  • OTB Application (using the prescribed Form) or letter of intent specifying the location, area and relevant description of the site
  • Applicants’ biodata with current address, contact numbers & other personal information
  • Sketch or Location Map of the proposed site (show location of nearest OTB site/s in the sketch)
  • Pictures/Photographs of the proposed site (inside view and outside view; show facilities)

What to prepare before opening (When site is approved by PRCI OTB Committee)

  • Permits: Mayor’s business permit for OTB, barangay permit, GAB permit (cost of permits are shouldered by applicants/site providers; all permits should be    in  the name of the site provider)
  • OTB Contract with PRCI (renewable every year; OTB must register average daily gross sales of P80,000 to P100,000 to ensure continued operation)
  • Cash security deposit of P100,000 upon opening; plus P50,000 for every additional machine when necessary (Refundable upon termination of contract)
  • Teller’s/Cashier’s booth according to PRCI specifications (design provided by PRCI)
  • Applicants’ personnel or employee to act as teller or operator of the betting machine (to be trained by PRCI) (OTB Applicant/site provider shall assume full responsibility for the teller including shortages)
  • Telephone line (with 1 back-up) (PLDT, Digitel, Bayantel, Globe lines)
  • Televisions sets with PRCI karera or horse racing channel (Note: It is important that the cable company servicing the area is carrying the PRIME Channel or Santa Ana Park racing broadcast)
  • Signages, streamers, billboards, neon or panaplex lighted signboard

Remittance of Totalizator Bets and Payment of Dividends

  • Proceeds of totalizator bets shall be deposited by applicant/site provider in a designated PRCI depository bank or remitted in a designated collection  center.
  • Dividends on winning tickets are paid by PRCI

Where to submit OTB Application/Letter of Intent

  • OTB applications/letter of intent shall be submitted directly to PRCI Marketing Manager, Santa Ana Park, A.P. Reyes Avenue,  Makati City

Contact numbers for inquiries and other information

PRCI Trunkline:  (02) 254-9229, 805-2091 to 95
Marketing Department  (02) 805-2178
Telebet: (02)254-7296
Fax Number: (02) 896-5284


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